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The church was built in the 1920's as a catholic church.  Today, it is used as for ocassional services and private events.


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The church is available for weddings and  private events

Use of the Church is for services traditionally conducted in a mainstream church/synagogue.  The Silver City Community Church provides guests the opportunity for religious services in a true country church where time has stood still for 50 years.  Every effort is made to continue the Church’s country traditions.  The Silver City Community and the Church Committee are committed to preserving the historic nature and traditions of the church. Common-sense rules have been established to allow for its use.  These rules are provided NOT to detract from the use of the Church but to ensure its historic nature. The Silver City Community Church Committee reserves the right to deny use.  All Committee Members will be aware of each Church function.


Facility Specifics

The Church is equipped with electric lights and heat.  Your Host will pre-heat the building if necessary. Guest seating for approximately 50-60 in the original wooden pews and cushioned chairs. An electric organ is also on-site. The altar is adorned with simple linens and candles.

Bathroom facilities and running water are not available at the Church. Several residents have modern rental cabins from which you could possibly arrange use. Outdoor bathrooms are located at the Community Hall.  The Community Hall is also available for your use.  Coordinate use of this building through your Host.  Parking is allowed along Main Street and at the Community Hall.  Please do not park in or block private driveways.



We are pleased you would like to use the Church!   To ensure availability and proper preparation, we appreciate reservations no less than two weeks prior to your event. A Volunteer Host will meet you upon arrival, instruct you on the “particulars” of the building and be available for assistance. Please coordinate arrival, departure and donation with your Host.  Your Host’s name and phone number are on the final page of this document.



Use of the Church is on a donation basis. Donations are used for upkeep, inventory purchase, utility and insurance payments.  We do not have clergy or organist on staff and do NOT make payment to them on your behalf.  Please make your donation check for use of the facility to “Silver City Sacred Heart Church” and leave with your Volunteer Host prior to departure.



While we will not decorate for your event, we will ensure a clean and tidy facility ready for your special additions.  Please return the building to the condition in which you received it within 24 hours of your event.  Exceptions may be made to this policy.  Your Volunteer Host will inspect the building prior to your departure.



Please respect the following protocol for use of the Church:

1. No smoking allowed in the church.

2. No animals allowed in the church.

3. No alcohol in or around the church.

4. Furniture shall not be removed or relocated.

5. Wallcoverings/hangings shall not be removed or covered 

6. The ONLY acceptable materials for celebratory distribution are:

*birdseed/grain compatible with local wildlife

*latex balloons WITHOUT ribbon or string

*natural flower petals or blooms (no dyed flowers)

*soap bubbles (outside building only)

7. Guns or fireworks may NOT be discharged 

8. Incense / smudging as part of worship is allowed, but must be reported to the Church Committee PRIOR to use.

9. All decorations provided by you in the Church must be removed within 24 hours and MAY NOT incur damage to any structure or furnishing of the Church.

10. All wedding/commitment ceremonies performed in the Silver City Church must be in accordance with South Dakota law. 

11. The Church must be returned to the condition in which it was received within 24 hours of use. 

12. Any damages/problems/concerns should be reported to your Volunteer Host

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