School House
The building was previously used as the Silver City
Schoolhouse.  Today, it is used as a Community Hall
gathering place for town activities and private events.

Scheduling use of the Community Hall
It shall be the policy of the Historical Society  that the
School House will be made available to responsible
individuals, clubs, groups and organizations when not
required by the SCHS or the SCVFD for their own
programs. The availability of the School House shall be
determined only after all SCVFD meetings and functions
have been scheduled. The SCHS Board retains the right
to accept, refuse or withdraw permission for use
of the facility.

The SCHS is funded solely by donations of its residents
and supporters within the community. Therefore, in
exchange for the use of the School House, a donation
to the Historical Society is suggested to cover, at a
minimum, the basic costs of electricity and maintenance.

Scheduling of events may be done up to two years in advance and is confirmed upon acceptance by the SCHS of a completed
User Agreement  
For more information, please send inquiries to or call Mike Wood at (605)391-8185
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